2017 Fishing Seasons

  • April 27 to May 24 Our Spring season starts with fast action on Jumbo Perch, Walleye, and Brown Trout. Icy cold water concentrates these fish close to shore. A great way to start your fishing season!
  • May 15 to August 31 This is simply the best time and for "Fishing Fun" as all species of Trout and Salmon are active as are the Large and Small mouth Bass. This is an excellent time for all types of sport fish.
  • July 15 - August 31 The Salmon have grown larger by the end of August and are getting ready to spawn. You will continue to experience excellent catches of Salmon and Trout as well as the smaller game fish.
  • September 1 - October 15 September normally offers the best chance for a very large Salmon as they are at their peak size. They have now moved into shallow water. You can also experience nice catches of Bass, Walleye and Northern Pike late in September and into October.